At Fourteen East, we are committed to sustainability. We pledge to do our part to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Dishes & Silverware

Unlike chain restaurants and cafes, we avoid using disposable takeout products for dining in. Instead, we use real dishes, silverware, and mugs. Those who do wish take our food and drinks to go can rest assured that our takeout products are biodegradable and compostable. This goes for our water too! We do not sell plastic bottles of water. Instead, we serve our water in compostable cups.

white ceramic mug with brown liquid


We strive to serve you food and coffee that is organic and fair trade. The food that you order from Fourteen East comes from local businesses, such as Elwin & Co. of Berkley, Just Delicious Scones of Roseville, and Edibles Rex of Detroit. Our Coffee hails from nearby Chazzano in Ferndale and Water Street Coffee from Kalamazoo. Even our disposables come from Detroit!

Wayne State University

We partner with Wayne State University in our pledge to sustainability. This includes recycling all cardboard, plastics, and aluminum tins. Thanks to the university, the café has conservative LED lights that use minimal wattage. Don’t want to use fuel to drive down to the café? Then hop on a MoGo bicycle at the new station located outside our door.  Our partners, Warrior                Sustainability, pick up our coffee grounds regularly for composting in the neighborhood.